DUI Expungement

An expungement is a legal process whereby an individual may petition the court to have their record “sealed,” essentially removing a prior conviction from their public record. Anyone who has a prior DUI arrest may want to seriously consider a DUI expungement filing

Having your record expunged may be an essential step for those seeking employment, where a previous DUI conviction would limit their chances of being hired or disqualify them altogether. Many employers automatically disqualify candidates from the interview phase once a prior conviction is disclosed on their employment application. With some exceptions dependent on the nature of the position for which you are applying, once your record has been expunged, you would no longer have to put a DUI conviction on your application.

If you have a prior DUI conviction and you qualify for an expungement filing, Nevada DUI attorney ‘Bo’ Pollard can petition the court to expunge your DUI record. If, based on the filing, the judge grants the expungement, you will be allowed to withdraw your original plea and change it to a "not guilty" plea, thereby removing your DUI conviction from your public record.  

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