Aggressive DUI Defense – Nevada / California

stock-vector-police-car-with-full-array-of-lights-and-tactical-lights-d-render-119009971.jpgHiring an experienced, professional DUI lawyer is critical to your case.

Attorney E.A. ‘Bo’ Pollard focuses his practice on aggressively representing DUI defendants in Northern Nevada and Northern California. With 25 years of experience working in the criminal justice system, DUI attorney Pollard knows what the police and prosecutors need to prove in order to convict you of driving under the influence. He is well known by law enforcement as an aggressive advocate whose knowledge of the law and commitment to protecting the rights of citizens help position his clients for the best possible outcome from their cases. 

Officers can and do make mistakes.

There are exact procedures that police officers must follow in determining whether someone is intoxicated. While a number of different types of tests can be administered, all must be done in a manner dictated by law. Minor deviation from specific protocols can invalidate the reliability of these tests and form a basis to exclude use of the results to justify an arrest or conviction.

If you are facing an arrest after failing a field sobriety test, it is extremely important to contact an aggressive DUI attorney as soon as possible following your arrest. By taking immediate action to protect your rights, you can significantly improve your chances of winning your case.

Some tests are subjective and can be challenged. 

You are not required to submit to physical field sobriety tests. However, the officer may request chemical tests, such as a breath or blood test, and you are required to submit to them. If given a choice, always choose a breath test rather than a blood test. If you are denied a choice, cooperate with the blood test, but make it known to the phlebotomist that you wanted a breath test. Under new U.S. Supreme Court caselaw, warrants are required before a blood draw in most cases.

Nevada DUI Attorney Pollard is the best defense.

He goes to great lengths to review all case materials thoroughly—all reports, statements from police officers and lab results. It’s through his attention to detail that DUI defense attorney ‘Bo’ Pollard finds ways to challenge the evidence and help numerous clients successfully avoid DUI convictions. 

Whether you are facing your first, second, third or fourth DUI offense, you can benefit greatly from the experience and relationships that Attorney ‘Bo’ Pollard brings to the case. 

Contact Nevada DUI Attorney ’Bo’ Pollard to:

  • Represent you at DMV Hearings and fight against license suspension
  • Challenge DUI evidence, field tests, lab results and unlawful police stops
  • Advise you on the legal process, from arrest, booking and bail, to arraignment and court appearances
  • Guide you through your preliminary hearing, plea bargain or trial 
  • Represent you for an appeal, expungement or license restoration